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About Us

Know Us

A multi-disciplined engineering consulting firm, Convenient Construction Consultancy Private Limited (CCCPL) is a one-stop hub catering to the growing needs of the built environment. From Architectural Design, Structural Design Services, MEP design services to Project & Construction Management, CCCPL’s complete consultancy has pioneered across various asset classes. Alongside taking a strategic and rather holistic approach to getting to the heart of the project, in 11 years team CCCPL has worked for Residential, Commercial, Retail, Hospitality, Institutions, Warehousing, and Healthcare verticals across pan India and Nepal.

In the quest to deliver excellence through thick and thin, CCCPL lives up to its unique philosophy of keeping ‘clients first’.And that is probably why even after successfully closing a large number of projects, CCCPL is constantly committed to helping you excel by industry standards and improve performance. This value addition in the form of on-time project delivery optimised costs and superior building quality is backed by CCCPL’s perfect blend of creativity, skills, and global outlook. 

The journey so far

What began as a vision in 2011; is a name that stands for quality, innovation, and expertise, today.

Together with his four colleagues from the industry, CCCPL’s CEO Mr. Rajesh Nair decided to go beyond the conventional industry practices and nurture a dream that speaks for itself. Thus was born CCCPL. This dynamic association of a group of endowed and curious construction specialists was aimed at adding value to every step of the project.

Post the successful completion of its initial projects in Central India, CCCPL ventured out across the length and breadth of the country. Team CCCPL has always dared to go the extra mile to provide proactive solutions for the growing cityscapes. Starting from concept creation to pre-construction and project closeout, the organization’s expert architects, designers, and engineers have always taken pride in digging deeper into the idea of personalized construction consultancy and development.

Today, CCCPL is not only a sought-after construction consultancy firm but also an assortment of experiences and challenging encounters. Having delivered more than 20 million sq ft of superior built-up spaces, the company has a strong network of over a large number of best-in-class professionals who conduct business with integrity and purpose. 

Whether building longstanding relationships with our clients or diversifying our scope of work, for CCCPL it’s a journey that has just begun. Because when conducted with integrity and purpose, it is a journey that provides deep fulfillment and a sense of gratitude!


In a highly competitive market, CCCPL’s bespoke range of services and specialism let it build the ‘extra’ upon the otherwise ordinary. For we ask, ‘Why fit in when you can stand out?’

As an organization born from the desire to transform cityscapes, CCCPL understands that developing projects need a little beyond consultation and negotiation. Rather, it is a lot more about facilitating some of the extraordinary projects that mitigate risk and diversify our expertise with keen foresight. At CCCPL, it is our relentless pursuit to embrace challenges and meet them with creative solutions emerging from all corners of our organization. As a team, we are:


Capitalizing on relevant ideas with minimum downtime is what defines us. Just as the name suggests, CCCPL strives to add value and address the buildability, maintainability and functionality of its projects in an extremely well-planned and conducive manner.


There’s nothing great about just coming up with great ideas. Whether designing pragmatic project plans, hand-in-hand management of budget and time or being voluntary advisors to your business plans, CCCPL’s holistic approach is an absolute winner.


Innovation is central to CCCPL’s legacy of setting new trends. And that is probably why with clients at the heart of everything we do; optimal project designs and top-notch quality of deliverables are keys to our uncompromised achievements.

Our Values

With unmatched excellence, comes a multitude of robust values. Over the years, it is this set of moral standards that keeps CCCPL motivated to do the right thing and be distinctive. How we establish trust-based and long-lasting relationships with our clientele is not only important for depicting the dedication and sincerity of the work we do but also critical for reinforcing highest behavioural standards – within and outside the organization.

We believe in:
  • Integrity – being upright and virtuous in whatever we do.
  • Honesty – seeing nothing but the truth in our overall conduct.
  • Openness – communicating transparently and being inclusive.
  • Equal opportunities – to each one alike and treating people fairly.
  • Respectfulness – being courteous and showing responsive behavior.
  • Embracing challenges – to see them through and achieve the unattainable.
  • Constructive feedback – valuing different perspectives and their evaluation.
  • Personal excellence – settling for nothing short of perfection.
  • Accountability – to internal and external stakeholders.

Our Vision

To emerge as one of the top real estate conglomerates pan India. We aim to serve our clients spread across the globe by delivering projects that spell high-value engineering, architectural design, and delivery services.

Our Mission

At CCCPL, we are committed and equally competent to provide one-stop global solutions to our clients for their ideal realty investment. We also consistently endeavor to develop architectural wonders that add value to clients’ experiences whilst supporting the cause of Green Building projects.