#58, LV Complex, 5th floor, 7th Block, 80ft road, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560095


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Convenient Construction Consultancy Private Limited (CCCPL) invites career-oriented and enthusiastic professionals for diverse roles and internships at our prestigious firm. Please find available profiles and roles below, and we intend to hire more people in the near future. CCCPL backs talent, and we are willing to consider all viable professionals for the candidatures across profiles.

Interested candidates can send resumes directly to careers@convenient.co.in with relevant information. Our HR team will get in touch with potential candidates as soon as possible for interviews and further discussions.

Follow this page for more updates and postings for different departments and roles available at CCCPL.

#58, LV Complex, 5th floor , 7th Block, 80ft road
Koramangala, Bangalore - 560095

(080)4220 1315